AR work (2018-)
Republic Records (UMG) artists Nicki Minaj and Post Malone (2018)
Snap Pride Landmarker Project (2019)
"Shandy" - in collaboration with Petty Film Production House (2019)
"EARTH 2" - Commissioned work for Spectacles 3 (2020)
"Champions of Pride: North Atlantic" for The Advocate (2020)
Virtual Pride Float Lens for Gay Star News' Digital Pride and AMV BBDO (2020)
Squad Camera Kit integration (2020)
"TRANSPACIFIC MILLENNIUM" - Commissioned work for Spectacles 3 (2021)
AR work using Snap Lens Studio.

Poster artwork for Be My Lover, a party at queer/bar in Seattle, WA. (2018-2019)
Basic character work and rendering. Additional artwork for other events at queer/bar were also produced during this time.

Double Scorpio Product and Promotional Artwork (2019-)
Art direction, product modelling, and semi-realistic rendering. Additional work in compositing and incorporating models into 3D scenes, 3D modelling for printing.

Motion Capture and Character Animation for American Horror Stories promotion (2021)
Motion Capture recorded using a Rokoko Smartsuit for the Rubberwoman character. Animation used for web and Tiktok advertisements, as well as incorporated into a Snapchat Lens.

Scandal Beauty Product Artwork and Giphy Stickers (2021)
3D Product artwork design and rendering for press on nail brand, Scandal Beauty. Additional work in creating gif stickers of the brand imagery for Giphy.

Unreleased Advertisement Project in Unreal Engine (2022)
Character clothing design and implementation in engine, as well as simulation work using the cloth system inside Unreal Engine 4.

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