Character and performance capture work for SHOCK by Miss Madeline. 
Motion capture performed by Joshua Keeney in Rokoko, rendered in Unreal Engine.
Directed by: Miss Madeline 
Co-directed & Produced by: Paloma Green 
DP: Gus Aronson
AC: Theo Matza
Gaffer: Lucien Battiste
Choreography: James Alonzo White
Dancers: Caryn Mueller & Sophie Olszak 
Stylist: Kayla Innes 
Stylist assistant: Noa Levy
Makeup: Kye Quinlan
Hair: John Novotny
Editor & Post-Producer: Julia Sub 
VFX: Jo Shaffer
CG: Joshua Keeney (550am)
Color: Anthony Campagna
Production Assistants: Clara Lhuillier & Kali Hatcher

Stylized likeness of Miss Madeline. Anatomy created with Daz3D and Cinema 4D. Clothing based on her music video appearance created in Marvelous Designer and Substance Painter. Rigged in Maya.
Character + Motion test. The intention was to shoot this similar to how I shoot my live performance work in UE. Only using the raw motion capture and doing the camera and set work after the performance work. Since this footage would be interspersed throughout the live action moments I recorded 15 takes in succession.
Handheld camera test with final motion capture. Recorded using UE VCam.
Final light truss backdrop.
Light truss backdrop + final handheld camera motion. Lights animated using MIDI input.
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